About Us

The Women in Austin awards started from a discussion among a few professionals in the real estate industry. The conversation turned to how many amazing women dominate the industry, even with the challenges of long hours and a very demanding industry. In real estate, it is easy to name the leaders in the industry since it is such a production-oriented industry. However, industry insiders also have stories about how some of these top producers had taken the time to positively impact the lives of those on their teams and their professional affiliations. Even with the phone ringing and other appointments to get to, these women exemplify the grace and thoughtfulness that would “make your day”.  Sometimes with kids “in-tow” or a family member they’re caring for, these women make it look easy. We wondered how we could recognize these special individuals. After some thought, we decided to create an awards program just for them, but one where the people decide the winners (by vote). Created by a small panel of anonymous volunteers (all industry insiders) to manage the program, it was also decided that this would be an awards program that wouldn’t charge fees or require paperwork.

Welcome to the inaugural Women in Austin Real Estate awards, the first of its kind.

Award Credentials

The top women in real estate are often excellent collaborators and negotiators. When these skills are used to create successful businesses, rally community efforts, maintain an unselfish posture with others, and keep unity within their own families, we celebrate that.

Many of us in the industry are all-to-familiar with the struggles of being a woman in business. In seasons of high stress, there can be extremely long hours and late nights that disrupt our families. There can be tough business deals that don’t always work out and difficult parties who make our days even harder. There are days when we wonder why we’ve chosen this career path. However, there are those women who rise above these challenges. They say they have the same struggles, but we don’t seem to see it.

So we celebrate the women who exemplify that combination of strength and compassion. We celebrate the women who are humble and gracious, who are happy to see others excel. We celebrate the mentors and the examples they’ve set for us, and we tell their stories so that we can learn more about what “doing it right” looks like.

Thank you to all the women who get up early and burn the midnight oil, who love and laugh and lift others around them and make them better. You are our inspiration.

And, thank you, to those who vote for the woman who inspires you the most.

Next Steps

We hope to expand the awards to other Austin women in other industries. Next on our list is the Tech Industry. Please message us on our Facebook page if you have contacts and can help us with this endeavor.